Fifty podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number of spots overall on July 16, 2014.

Rank  Change  Title
498 Small_arrow_up448 Record Hop Podcast
389 Small_arrow_up422 DJ Zach Burns House Sessions
495 Small_arrow_up345 Mottey's Garage
465 Small_arrow_up338 All About Jack: A C.S. Lewis Podcast
470 Small_arrow_up309 Turtle Flakes
129 Small_arrow_up307 Free English Lessons from ILAC Radio
112 Small_arrow_up305 Doug Jackson's
445 Small_arrow_up288 SexyEssex Classic House
238 Small_arrow_up250 Italiano Automatico Podcast
420 Small_arrow_up241 DJ Jazzy Jeff's Podcast
190 Small_arrow_up240 Journal of Accountancy Podcasts
217 Small_arrow_up238 Filters Podcast
292 Small_arrow_up230 Dave Stewart Radio Sessions .....................
397 Small_arrow_up228 Podcast de Felix Toran
471 Small_arrow_up228 DJ BIMSHIRE's Podcast
497 Small_arrow_up228 RESTRICTED-ZONE
416 Small_arrow_up221 How Is This Movie?
472 Small_arrow_up221 Breathing In Fumes
298 Small_arrow_up205 Less Conversation's Podcast
444 Small_arrow_up192 Tedsmooth Podcast
329 Small_arrow_up189 DJ KISS' Podcast
321 Small_arrow_up187 DJ Edil Hernandez's Podcast
468 Small_arrow_up183 DJ GHOSTRIDER'S Podcast
422 Small_arrow_up182 Global Soul Music Live
440 Small_arrow_up180 Occupy the Media Collective
464 Small_arrow_up175 CREW's Podcast
211 Small_arrow_up173 The Berman Show
177 Small_arrow_up171 Mr DJ ChEeSe's Podcast
382 Small_arrow_up171 DJ Dlux - Podcast - WE PLAY MUSIC -
191 Small_arrow_up170 Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!
429 Small_arrow_up165 religion has been cancelled!
306 Small_arrow_up161 Universidade FM's Podcast
462 Small_arrow_up161 edkandi's Podcast
452 Small_arrow_up160 Paleo, Love & Transformation
208 Small_arrow_up159 Whiskey, Wine and Moonshine
491 Small_arrow_up157 [MUSIC AND WINE Radio]
364 Small_arrow_up156 The Pit with E & Jay
236 Small_arrow_up154 Big Daddy...Live From The Man Cave
408 Small_arrow_up154 gringodj's Podcast
352 Small_arrow_up153 DJ MiShA Skye
441 Small_arrow_up151 Pipeline Radio
333 Small_arrow_up149 こどもと英語で話そう!
406 Small_arrow_up149 REGGAEBOYZ SOUND
328 Small_arrow_up148 Mark Mendoza Podcast
96 Small_arrow_up146 dj levi chin Podcast
370 Small_arrow_up145 fRoots Radio
456 Small_arrow_up145 Série: Le Combat Spirituel
307 Small_arrow_up143 DJ Detroit
404 Small_arrow_up143 denzdevarez's Podcast

55x55-0x0+0+0_4288380 PLAY Parking Lot 91: Cooking with Old...
Podcast: The Parking Lot
From: The Parking Lot
Duration: 55 min. 50 sec.
55x55_4444216 PLAY The Power of a Story Part 1
Podcast: FBC Lebanon
From: First Baptist Church L...
Duration: 41 min. 16 sec.

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